So you add meta description to your every post. And make your blog post-SEO-friendly.

8. Blog Post Leangth

If the blog post is short then visitors will not like to read your post. So write every single post on your blog at a good length. And write the post in full detail.

Which your post will also be of good length. And visitors will also like to read your post.

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9. Keyword Density

How much time do you use Focus Keyword on the post, it is called keyword density. If the density of the post is high, then the search engine can also add your post to the spam list.

So on the blog post, you have to add the keyword according to the length of your post. And add your target keyword only at the important place.

10. Blog Loading Speed

It is also very important for you to make your blog fast-loading on-page SEO. Because the loading speed of the blog will not be good then no visitors will wait till your blog is open and will leave your blog.

So the loading speed of the blog should always be fast…

Final Words

If you make any mistake in these above-mentioned points then your blog post will not get a good rank on search engines.

On the page, SEO has many benefits. But if you make any mistakes on this, then you will have a lot of difficulty in getting success in blogging. So follow On-Page SEO properly.

So these were the mistakes of On-page SEO which you should never do. Now if there is any question or confusion, then tell on the comment box below

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