how to start a fashion blog

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how to start a fashion blog

Hey, are you a fashion blogger struggling to get traffic to your site and to make money out of your blog? Or maybe you are just thinking about starting a fashion and style blog but you are so afraid to fail and have no idea how successful bloggers in this niche grow their sites and get paid.

This video is part of my series in which I show you how Pinterest can be useful for traffic and income growth in different niches and types of websites. Today I will talk about fashion and style niche. (how to start a fashion blog)And I

promise this video will not only show you how to use Pinterest to get more traffic but it will also show you exactly how successful bloggers make money in this niche and also how much is your potential monthly income. ()

One of the bloggers — he actually is a man in the fashion blogging niche which makes his case even more interesting — shared in his income reports for a few previous years that he made consistently over $120,000 a year with his blog. I’ll talk more about his biggest income streams later in the video, for now Here is our plan for today()

1. The Potential of Fashion Niche on Pinterest

First, I will show you how big (or small) the fashion niche is on Pinterest. Meaning, you will know what is the potential outcome of your efforts on this platform — should you expect a lot of traffic and reach or not? ()

2. Analyzing Successful Pinterest Accounts

Second, we will look at the accounts of some successful fashion bloggers see what kind of boards they have and what exactly they do with their Pinterest accounts — are they sending all the traffic to their websites or maybe somewhere else? and (Should I start a fashion blog in 2021?)

3. Monetization

And the third part is probably the most interesting for you — I will show you some of the most popular monetization strategies fashion bloggers use to make money out of their activity on Pinterest. It will be a lot of fun, let’s dive into it! (how to start a fashion blog and make money)

The Potential of Fashion Niche on Pinterest

You know how to get to this page, right? It’s Pinterest audience insights for the entire platform, not just for your account. You can go to your Pinterest account analytics and see the same numbers there. You see about 47% of all Pinterest users are interested in the women’s fashion category,

it’s one of the popular niches close to the top of the list. And on the right side you can see some of the popular topics inside the niche, such as women’s jewelry and accessories, dresses, women’s style, skirts etc.

It is a pretty big niche on Pinterest based on these numbers, so it’s definitely worth being on Pinterest if you are a fashion blogger.

And by the way if you pay attention to these repin counts while scroll down the page, you can get an idea of how much traffic some of these pins are driving potentially if they get 15,20 or 35K repins only.

You know what, the second and the third parts of our plan for this video go hand in hand. So we’ll be checking some successful Pinterest accounts, looking through their boards, their pins, checking where and how they are driving traffic to. And based on all of that,

we’ll also find out how they monetize their Pinterest activity and for some of the bloggers we’ll be able to see the income reports they shared.

I can see the same for this established fashion blogger Jo-Lynne Shane — She currently has 23.7k followers on Instagram but her reach on Pinterest is at 4 million monthly viewers. And she has almost 118k followers on Pinterest.

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